2019 WFO International Forum on Moulding Materials and Casting Technologies

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October 27-28, 2019, Wuhan, China

(concurrently with 2019 China Foundry Congress)


Organizers: WFO Moulding Materials Commission

Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

Shenyang Zhongzhu Foundry Productivity Promotion Center



Call for Papers


It will be another high level international congress on moulding material after the WFO Moulding Materials commission firstly hosted the MMC Forum in 2015 in China and 2017 in Korea. The Forum will gather the world leading researchers in the area of moulding materials to communicate and discuss on new material, new technology, new equipment, and to predict the future development direction of moulding materials. The Secretariat of WFO Moulding Materials Commission is keen to invite papers for presentation during the Forum.


The participants of 2019 MMC Forum will enjoy all the rights and interests of the 2019 China Foundry Congress.



l  Raw sands 

l  Clay bonded sand  

l  Sodium silicate bonded sand 

l  Resin bonded sand               

l  Coatings 

l  New moulding materials and their applications          

l  Moulding and core making technologies and equipment 

l  Sand preparation technologies and equipment 

lSand reclamation technologies and equipment 

l  Green, digitalized and informationized casting technologies 

lEnergy saving and environmental protection technologies 

l  Others


Instruction for authors

1.     Papers submitted must be original and have never been published, and must be written in English.

2. The content of the paper should include title, abstract, key words, introduction, main body, conclusion, and references. The abstracts should be limited to 500 words with no graphs or pictures.

3.  Authors’ information should include the brief introduction of the first author, detailed address, telephone and Email. Each author can submit multi-abstracts (and papers).

4.   Once the reviewing process is complete, the contact author of each paper will be informed whether the abstract has been accepted for the Forum by e-mail. If the paper has been accepted, the authors are then required to submit a full paper.


Important dates

Abstract: Authors are requested to submit abstracts to zcy@barcinomedia.com by June 30, 2019.             

Full papers: Full papers must be submitted by Aug.31, 2019. The manuscripts will be revised by the               Scientific Committee, and the accepted papers will be included in the Proceedings of the Forum.



Chun-yan Zhang (Paper submitting)



Yun-xia Wang (Conference cooperation)




Secretariat of WFO Moulding Materials Commission

Foundry Institution of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society


No.17 South Yunfeng Street

Tiexi District, Shenyang 110022, China


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